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According to the A2S statutes the social entities of the association are the General Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board, who are elected for 3-year mandates by the associated members.

The A2S General Assembly is a deliberative body which meets annually or whenever is necessary and it is responsible to ensure the regular functioning of the association. Among its most important functions is the election of the social entities and the analysis and vote of anual plans and activity reports and budget.

The Board of A2S is responsible for administration. Meets monthly, or whenever necessary and is composed by seven members, with a majority of private entities. It is responsible for implementing the Local Development Strategy designed for the territory effectively and efficiently in order to ensure that the selection of projects accomplishes the goals and objectives defined.

The Supervisory Board is responsible for monitoring and supervising the activities of A2S, ensuring its regular functioning.

In the General Meeting held on March 30 of 2015 the following social entities were elected to the 2015-2018 mandate.



President – AGROCOL – José Costa and Oliveira

Secretary – Frutoeste – Agricultural Cooperative of West Hortofruticultores, CRL – Pedro Bernardes

2nd Secretary – Business Association of Trade and Services of the municipalities of Loures and Odivelas – Mario Saramago



President – Loures Municipality – Antonio Pombinho

Member – Municipality of Mafra – Joaquim Sardinha

Member – Municipality of Sintra – Pedro Ventura

Member – Viticultural Commission of the Lisbon Region – Vasco D’Avillez

Member – Sintra’s Business Association – Olga Figueiredo

Member – Mafra’s Farmers Association – David Sardinha

Member – Cooperativa Agrícola de Loures – José António Barreira

1st Substitute – S. Pedro de Lousa’s Social and Parish Center – José António Parente

2nd Substitute – Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Mafra – Aníbal Rodrigues da Silva

3rd Substitute – Social Center and Parish of St. Pedro de Lousa – José Luís

4 th Substitute – CENINTEL – Formative Intelligence Center, Vocational Education and Training Lda. – Jose Luis Furtado



President – Adega Cooperativa of Azueira – João Moreira

Member – Loures Beneficiaries Association – Gregório Silva

Member – Colares Regional Cellar – José António Vicente-Paulo

1st Substitute – Mafra’s Business, Industry and Services Association – César Gonçalves

2nd Substitute – Mafra’s Agricultural Credit Cooperative Bank – David Ferreira