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The A2S is composed by public and private entities representatives of socio-economic interests of saloia region.

ACISM – Mafra’s Business, Industry and Services Association

Cooperative Winery of Azueira, CRL

Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Mafra

Loures and Odivelas Business, Trade and Aervices Association

Sintra’s Business Association

AGROBIO - Portuguese Association of Organic Agriculture

Mafra’s Farmers Association

Crédito Agrícola

Mafra’s Agricultural Credit Cooperative Bank

CENINTEL - Intelligence, Vocational Education and Training, Formative Center

S. Pedro de Lousas Social and Parish Center

Viticultural Commission of the Lisbon Region

Frutoeste - Agricultural Cooperative of West horticultural and fruit producers

S. João das Lampas Social and Parish Center

Municipality of Loures

Municipality of Mafra

Colares Regional Cellar

Municipality of Sintra

Mafra National Closed Forest

Supply Market of the Lisbon Region

Loures Agricultural Cooperative