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The A2S – Associação para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável da Região Saloia is a private non-profit association, established on 21 st of January 2015.

It aims the promotion of economic, social and cultural development of saloia region and its people, especially in rural and coastal areas, in order to reduce local and social asymmetries.

The objectives of the A2S are:

  • To contribute to the sustainability of local economies;
  • To facilitate social inclusion and improving the quality of life of the population;
  • Support the diversification of activities on farms and related to the sea;
  • Stimulate the promotion, preservation and enhancement of environmental resources and cultural heritage;
  • Promote the growth and development of local tourism;
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship and employment;
  • To support the qualification and the empowerment of human capital.
  • Promote the exchange and development of cooperation activities with associations and national or foreign entities pursuing the same object;

The intervention of A2S is based on concepts of proximity and territorial cohesion, experimentation and innovation and, above all, on methodologies with the involvement of local actors, creating answers to the social, environmental and economic challenges of the saloia the region.

While promoting organization of saloia region, A2S implements and manages projects and programs from the European Union or co-financed in order to give answers to the challenges and objectives set out in the territory’s Local Development Strategy (EDL).